PVC Pipe NFT System

PVC Pipe NFTPVC Pipe NFTInitially I was wanting to build this system from either PVC square/rectangle down spouts or PVC/vinyl square fence posts but after much ringing around I have come to the conclusion that none of these are available in Malta. I was then thinking about using maxi trunking that is available at electrical suppliers and some iron mongers but they were a bit to expensive and the cheaper ones I came across at homemate had pre drilled holes in them.

Thus my only option was to use round PVC pipes, the drawback using these is that they don't create much of a "film" as nutrient film technique is suspose to. The round bottom causes the water to pool and a large buildup of roots in the system can create trapped stagnent water leading to root rot.

Inside NFT PVC Pipe SystemInside NFT PVC Pipe SystemNever the less I ended up initially buying 2 120mm PVC pipes from X-Tend in balluta. I knew that 3 meter PVC pipes came in two grades, a more expensive high pressure and more ridget PVC and a cheaper lower pressure softer PVC. I brought the high pressure pipes first at about 12 euro each, 4 end caps and 2 sockets.

I used a hole saw to drill 7 holes evenly spaced to fit my net cups, before I knew anyone in Malta sold these I used small cappuccino plastic sups that I brought at tower supermarket and just drilled/punched a number of holes along the lower half and the bottom of each cup.